A Ryan Carpenter Production

Ryan’s Great Adventures

After losing my job at Intel, I decided to head to Central America and see what trouble I could find, and started a journal of sorts. Even after the trip to Central America ended, the adventures—and online journal—continued. I hope you enjoy them!

Year Overview
2002 Central America and Road Trips
2003 Appalachian Trail and Road Trips
2004 Wonderland Trail and New York City
2005 Florida, Panama, and the Wonderland Trail
2006 Jury Duty and Dartmoor, England
2007 Stalking Celebrities, Hawaiian Vacations, and Building Trails
2008 Hiking from Key West to Springer Mountain
2009 Adventures in Canada
2010 Thru-Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

  Special Events
1. Central America
2. Applachian Trail
3. Wonderland Trail